Hamilton’s Charleston and Period Tall Post Beds
All of Dan Hamilton's Charleston and other solid heavy mahogany Tall Post Beds, as well as
all of his magnificent work, are hand-crafted from scratch, marked, dated, and
made-to-order, piece-by-piece, from beginning to end, right here in the low country of South
Carolina just as was done in the olden days of Eighteenth Century England and America,
whereby cost depends on the amount of time invested, the intricacy of the carvings, and
nature of the work.
The pictures of a carved post to the right show the detail of a finished Charleston Tall Post
starting from the top finial all the way down to the bottom foot. These include finial, capital,
reeding shaft, sheath, necking, urn, plinth, and foot.
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E-mail: dlhamiltoncirca1762@yahoo.com
website: www.dlhamiltoncirca1762.com
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Crafted using the same tools and methods of the period without use of modern machines,
techniques and glues, for a genuine antique furniture making or restoration job.
One must compare to see the difference.
Mr. Hamilton's carvings are magnificent.
U r n
Mr. Hamilton was commissioned to
and restore the original single.
Mr Hamilton's work was so
punctilious that not even the owners
of the original antique could
distinguish the newly carved bed from
the orginally carved antique. See left.

The new twin size four posts bed was
accomplished in mahogany hard
wood, and of course, carved by hand
by the artist, just as the original had
been carved by a craftsman back  in
the 1900's. The Palmetto Bluff owners
desired a set of twin size tall post beds
by matching their orginal and were
pleasantly surprised with Mr.
Hamilton's accomplishment.