About Dan L. Hamilton
Dan L. Hamilton is a premier furniture maker and restorer, specializing in 18th  century furniture. His experience is vast. In his younger years he worked on
wood as a carpenter at his father's wood working company in Eastern Kentucky; then, advanced to cabinet making, where he practiced the true meaning of
relentless precision, and subsequently graduated as a furniture maker and restorer of fine antique furniture, which he practices today.  His knowledge is
immense, for, not only he "knows how" in every area of wood working and methods, but has a thorough knowledge of woods, how they react, which to
choose for the job, et cetera.
Additionally, Dan Hamilton is in a constant state of learning, because he is keenly interested in woodworking, which is a multifaceted field that requires
constant research about carving or methods of English and French shellac polishing, for example, or coloring, period furniture construction methods, and
much more. Paraphrasing the legendary Greek Philosopher Socrates: All I know is that I know nothing or put another way, the more I learn the less I know
about everything. Also,realizes the endlessness of knowledge in his field, which brings to mind the crass mistake that someone who may be in possession of
a fine piece of furniture or antique could make simply by failing to trust it to an expert restorer.
Dan Hamilton has been commissioned to restore pieces for historical societies, and his furniture making appeared in books and national magazines, withal.
(*) Additionally, he is an avid participant of the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA) 18th Century Furniture Seminars, and member of  
The Society of American Period Furniture Makers (SAPFM). See ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN, Seventh & Ninth Annual Editions. BUILT-IN
FURNITURE, Jim Toplin, Taunton Press, 1997
Tel: 843-812-9881
website: www.dlhamiltoncirca1762.com
By Appointment Only
Dear friends:
I thought I would let you know about my services and passion for the reproduction
and restoration of period furniture of excellence, especially, 18th Century furniture,
where I strictly use the same methods, tools, and materials employed in those days
for a true, built from scratch reproduction or restoration job.
Certainly, it is always
advisable to trust valuable or irreplaceable antiquity pieces to those who specialize
on period furniture, because classic furniture-making and restoration requires the
knowledge of a professional acquired through many years of learning and
experience -in may case, over 30 years in the woodworking field. Furthermore, it
requires the interminable patience and time needed to get the job done correctly.  
Notwithstanding, I take pride in having been commissioned to build and restore
fine pieces of furniture for museums, churches, antique dealers and connoisseurs.