About Furniture Making and Restoration
Right from the outset it is necessary to clarify that there are different
specializations in the field of woodworking. Generally, it can be safely stated
that carpentry involves woodworking in the field of construction. The next
specialization belongs to the cabinet maker (*) which, in the "new" meaning of
the word comprises the work of those involved in the production of precision
kitchen cabinets and other cabinetry.  Following come the furniture makers and
restorers of fine antique furniture, which requires a keen knowledge of furniture,
its history, different wood species, materials used, and period methods, including
the highly intricate and delicate woodwork and carvings found in irreplaceable
high value furniture, often owned by museums.
As regards the cost of making classic furniture, this is in direct proportion to
the time involved and the experience of the artist, for, it takes many days of
painstaking and delicate work to produce or restore furniture by hand to be
true to the original piece, methods, tools and materials. Verily, many furniture
reproductions are often made with power tools, staples, and so on, in large
numbers at the lowest possible cost.
(*) In the olden days the word "cabinet makers" described those involved in
the art of furniture-making and restoration, insomuch that Thomas
Chippendale and George Hepplewhite were called cabinet-makers and , of
course, they were artists to the Crown and the creators of the legendary
Chippendale and Hepplewhite styles of furniture.
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